Weight Loss Program

Men’s Medical Institute is committed to helping our patients achieve total health by providing a simple, effective weight loss program. And MMI will also provide these services for women!

MMI will customize a program for each individual patient, utilizing:
–combination prescription medications that induce appetite suppression while providing an energy boost
–weekly injections of a blend of vitamins and amino acids designed to help our patients minimize unwanted muscle loss, while maximizing fat loss
–an initial consultation with the physician to help our patients understand our weight loss program.

Come in now to get started!

The initial consultation, including the drawing the required blood work, is provided for only $75, but is free to current MMI patients and their spouses.

The monthly charge for this program, including all daily and weekly medications, range from $90-135 per month.

Unsure if you have Low Testosterone? MMi offers FREE, no obligation blood Testosterone testing. Just come by the office.
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