Do You Need Testosterone Replacement?

Over time, it is natural for all men to experience decreasing testosterone levels, commonly referred to as Low-T. The Men’s Medical Institute in St. Louis is the only healthcare organization in the area that is accredited by the Missouri State Board of Healing Arts and dedicated exclusively to the customized treatment of this medical condition. Our board-certified doctors specialize in safe, effective, and affordable testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) programs, which can help men feel 15 to 20 years younger.


How is MMi Different from other Low-T clinics?

The board-certified doctors at MMi work closely with local pharmacies to provide state-of-the-art male hormone medications adjusted for your specific needs and carefully designed to minimize side effects. Our TRT programs are not only safe and effective, they are affordable. For just $130 a month, MMi’s programs can help you regain more energy, increase your muscle strength and grow your overall physical performance.

What Can I Expect at MMi?

At our medical clinic, you will receive Great Service…Complete Confidentiality…Careful Monitoring and an Overall Improvement in Your Health.

Many health and medical clinics will claim to accept your insurance, but then fail to tell you that your insurance will not cover testosterone treatment. The clinic is then free to send you an outrageous bill for their services.

Save yourself the shock and anger that follows, and call Men’s Medical Institute first. No tricks or games. MMi keeps your testosterone replacement therapy affordable, with monthly rates less than half the price of most other clinics in town.