Curt Kinney

Curt Kinney is a St. Louis resident who has worked as a professional in the steel framing industry for 35 years. After contracting colorectal cancer in 2003 and undergoing several phases of chemotherapy and radiation, Kinney entered a period of remission, but not without negative effects to his health. The cancer treatment had damaged his body’s natural ability to produce testosterone, leaving the middle-aged man with the amount of testosterone that normally exists in the body of an 80 year old man.

Noticing a decrease in his energy levels in the years following the cancer treatment, Kinney asked his primary care physician about testing for low testosterone after hearing about the condition. After one and a half years of trying common treatments for Low-T provided by his physician, Kinney still had not regained the strength and energy he wanted. “The treatments my doctor provided had limited to no success. In fact, the problem only got more severe,” said Kinney.

In 2013, Kinney was referred to Men’s Medical Institute by a friend. After a blood test at MMi came back with low testosterone levels, he was put on a regiment of medium to high dosages of testosterone and vitamins. After the first 30 days of treatment, Kinney had observed a noticeable difference. “The treatment from MMi has been much more effective than anything I’ve had in the past. I have more energy than I’ve had in years,” said Kinney. “Their program is outside of the limits of what you can get at a regular doctor in terms of customization. They take a more proactive approach and address the needs of the individual patient.”

Kinney also praised Dr. Stephen Benz, Ph.D., co-founder of MMi, for his approach to the treatment. “Dr. Benz makes the treatment very personal and really engages the patient,” Kinney stated. “He sits and talks to you man-to-man and has a very realistic approach. Overall I have nothing but good things to say about the treatment I’ve received at MMi.”

Denny Marschuetz

Denny Marschuetz, age 60, Owner & President of J.M. Marschuetz Construction Co., has been in the construction industry for 40 years.

Denny reveals how getting treatment for Low-T has been a life-changing experience: 
“Stress is a big part of working in construction and after 40 years in the industry, I was exhausted all the time. I remember taking naps at the office and having to fill up on coffee before any meetings that took place around 1 or 2 p.m. My internist discovered I had Low-T, my levels were around 230, which is the average for a 75-year old man. I began treatment through a pump, but after months of not feeling any changes, I almost gave up. I went to Men’s Medical Institute and began a customized treatment schedule in May. I opted for injection treatments, which would give me the opportunity to stabilize my testosterone. I play 27 holes of golf about twice a week and play 9 holes of golf every night. The other day, I had to go to a birthday party for a family member after running around all day. Usually, I would be dozing off on someone’s couch while the festivities were carrying on, but I came home around 10 p.m. and wasn’t ready for bed until 11 p.m. I have motivation to exercise more and really take care of myself. I just started a diet and within the first week, I lost 9 pounds. For other men who may be on the fence about TRT, the rewards truly outweigh the risks – if you seek treatment through MMi, your testosterone levels are managed by Board Certified doctors. My cardiologist has seen the benefits of TRT and I’ve been taking the right vitamins that my body needs, not what I thought I needed. TRT will get your energy levels up naturally. My three-month consultation isn’t until July, but I already have much more energy and sense of well-being.”


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