Why MMi?

As the first healthcare organization in the St. Louis metro area dedicated exclusively to the treatment of Low-T, Men’s Medical Institute is committed to providing the safest, most effective and most affordable treatment options, so that all men have the opportunity to start improving their health.

In fact, men outside of the St. Louis region have sought treatment through MMi for the unmatched service, efficiency and affordability we provide our patients. Non-St. Louis residents are encouraged to contact MMi to learn about their treatment options.


MMi is the first organization in the area specializing in hormone replacement therapy to be accredited by the Missouri State Board of Healing Arts.

The physicians of MMi are Board Certified doctors, with specialties in hormone replacement therapy.

MMi teams with local pharmacies to provide state-of-the-art medications, customized for your specific treatment and carefully designed to minimize side effects.


The medications used by MMi are prescription strength and can only be prescribed by licensed practitioners.  These medications are not to be confused with less effective and less potent over-the-counter treatments.

MMi specializes in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), which has been proven effective by countless studies in alleviating the problems caused by testosterone deficiency.


For just $125 a month, MMi’s TRT programs can help you regain more energy, increase your muscle strength and grow your overall physical performance.

Other Low-T clinics will charge upwards of several hundred dollars a month to provide similar services.

All men, even those without insurance, can have access to safe, effective and affordable Low-T treatment options.